S22 PSY has ended
Welcome to the Psychology and Counseling Spring 2022 Residency! This schedule is still subject to tweaks and updates. Zoom links will be the last things added. We recommend that you bookmark the SCHED link https://s22psy.sched.com/ and refresh each time you check it, to make sure you capture any new updates.  Advisor Zoom Links can be found here.

SCHED allows attendees to view and interact with schedules on any device, including mobile, with the option for a traditional print-out schedule as well. To create your own custom schedule in the app or in Google Calendar, you will be prompted to create a brief profile with SCHED. 

By clicking on the Schedule drop-down menu on the left, you may view the schedule in different ways. You may filter events by Type on the right-hand side as well. Also on the right, there is a mobile icon and printer icon for mobile and print views.  

A full guide on how to use all of Sched’s features is available here: https://sched.com/support/section/guide-for-attendees/ If you continue to have questions about SCHED, you can contact academicservices@goddard.edu (weekdays) and helpdesk@goddard.edu.

Put in a ticket with our IT Portal at https://techsupport.goddard.edu

Have a great residency! 
avatar for Aion Hadley

Aion Hadley

Astral Valley

A Work in Pro-Cess….#HoneyBeeCum_ing

Dev Amrit’s Heart Nectar tastes like bliss bee~cause it is the Neuro~Narrative secrete-ions of Immortali-tease Kiss. The CodeZ of a HoneyBees BUZZZ: Choosing to Beecum One Hive does not mean we Have to BEEHAVE...#BeecauseWeChooseToBeeCumtheAmritDev #144UnifiedfieldHive where Unicorns Run -Wild- Truly Alive…

...In the Ass~trail Valley we celebrate InnerSenses Wisdom..our inner child's dream of heavenly delight safely unfolds into a Polymorphic Prism,  that’s no Longer a Plan-It full of polaritie’s schism… butt ShapeShifters who weave the Asstrail’s ashes into a New Line, -the magicall stardust fabric-ations, the woven Tails of Constellations, the hollow bones of an ansces-trail… A Frozen Pantheon's Fiery Fight, The Icaros-e patterns that Guided I-KAR-Us in flight.. an Ari-Sun of Phoenix's Ash, and Tara’s blood..The whole-eye communion of ONE LOVE…
Wednesday, February 16

1:00pm EST

Saturday, February 19

8:45am EST

Sunday, February 20

10:00am EST

Tuesday, February 22

3:00pm EST

5:00pm EST

Wednesday, February 23

10:00am EST

3:00pm EST

Thursday, February 24

2:00pm EST

Friday, February 25

7:45am EST

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